Inspiring love, while creating everlasting memories.

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Meet David and Natalie

Oceanfront Gift Company's inspiration and innovation, come straight from this happily married couple.

Born and raised in New York City and looking for a change, David and Natalie took their family and moved on.

They came to South Florida in 2019 and fell in love with the beautiful city of Sunny Isles Beach, where they currently live.

For his wife's birthday one year, David was looking for a gift that would express how much he appreciated and loved her. 

The only things he was able to find were common and ordinary gifts. Nothing seemed special enough for her.

So instead of giving her the typical jewelry and card, he decided to combine the two; and Oceanfront Gift Company was born.

Oceanfront Gift Company was founded with one main focus.

Create a platform that pairs the beauty of a handmade, high-quality piece of jewelry

with the thoughtfulness of a heartwarming card.

The result is a perfectly presented everlasting memory!

The most important aspect of our company's vision, is the approach we take towards customer satisfaction. 

When Oceanfront Gift Company was created, David and Natalie envisioned a brand full of character, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation. It was also a necessity to include one of their philanthropic goals. One of the first objectives they sought was to find a way to "give back". As a direct result, Oceanfront Gift Company proudly donates a percentage of its annual net proceeds to a cause that is in need. 

Our gifts are high quality, made in the USA and are always considered a thoughtful surprise.

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Made in the USA

All our products are created and shipped from our USA-based factory. We are VERY proud to say our products are made in the USA!

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We stand behind our products and are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any defective or damaged merchandise.

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Fast & Easy Shipping Terms

Our shipping costs and policies are simple and easy to understand.